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今の多士済々な社会の中で、IT専門人士はとても人気がありますが、競争も大きいです。だからいろいろな方は試験を借って、自分の社会の地位を固めたいです。1Y0-201 参考書はCitrixの中に重要な認証試験の一つですが、JPexamにIT業界のエリートのグループがあって、彼達は自分の経験と専門知識を使ってCitrix 1Y0-201 参考書に参加する方に対して問題集を研究続けています。

最近、Citrix 1Y0-201 参考書に合格するのは重要な課題になっています。同時に、1Y0-201 参考書を受け入れるのは傾向になります。1Y0-201 参考書に参加したい、我々JPexamの1Y0-201 参考書を参考しましょう。弊社は1年間の無料更新サービスを提供いたします。あなたがご使用になっているとき、何か質問がありましたらご遠慮なく弊社とご連絡ください。

試験科目:Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
問題と解答:全129問 1Y0-201 問題サンプル

>> 1Y0-201 問題サンプル


NO.1 From the "Hypervisor connection" dialog window type in the Hypervisor IP address,
username and password provided then click on Next.

Scenario: Members of the HR user group at CCH need access to desktops running Windows 8. The
desktops provided to HR users must be in a separate device collection named HR. As part of a pilot, a
Citrix Administrator must use the Provisioning Services Console to create the device collection and
initially four target devices with plans to add 20 more. The target devices named Win801T Win802.
Win803 and Win804 should be assigned the CCH_Win8 vDisk and those devices should be assigned to
the HR OU. XenDesktop is NOT being used for the HR team at the moment.
The hypervisor information for the environment is:
XenServer IP Address:
Username: root
Password: Password 1
1.Create a device collection named HR.
2.Create four target devices named Win801, Win802. Win803 and Win804, and add the target
devices to the HR device collection.
3.Ensure the target devices are configured to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario.
Review the steps and solution in explanation below.
1) In Provisioning Services Console, right click on "Device" and click on Create Device
2) In the "General" type in the name " HR" and click on OK.
3) Right click on "CCHSite" node and select Streamed Virtual Machine Setup.

NO.3 From the "Collection" dialog window select HR from the drop-down window then click on

NO.4 Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is in the process of creating a new session machine
catalog. On the 'Machine Management' page, 'Machine Creation Services (MCS)' is grayed out.
What should the administrator do to enable this option for selection?
A. Use the New-BrokerCatalog PowerShell cmdlet.
B. Add a new resource connection.
C. Install the 'Machine Creation Service Extension' on each Delivery Controller.
D. Restart the Delivery Controller.
Answer: B

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