RPFT 資格試験、Registry Examination For Advanced Pulmonary Function Technologists


NO.1 While performing duplicate blood gas analyses, a pulmonary function technologist notes that
the second instrument gives consistently higher values forPaCO2and PaO2. Which of
the following is the most probable cause of higher readings from the second instrument?
A. The sample chamber temperature is greater than 37 C
B. The sample chamber has a bacterial contaminate
C. An excessive delay occurredbetween running the two samples
D. The PO2and PCO2electrodemembranes have protein build-up
Answer: A

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NO.2 Which of the following information reported from a recent methacholine challenge test best
summarizes the patient's bronchial hyperresponsiveness?
A. postbronchodilator recovery FEV1=106% baseline
B. diluent FEV1= 92% predicted
C. PC20= 2.3 mg/mL
D. patient reported chest tightness and a cough
Answer: D

NO.3 To facilitate measurement of arterial oxygen content during an exercise (stress) test, a
pulmonary function technologist should recommend
A. End-tidal monitoring
B. Radial artery catheterization
C. An arterial puncture at anaerobic threshold
D. Pulse oximetry
Answer: D

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NO.4 When performing quality control in a body plethysmograph using a 5-L isothermal bottle,
theVTGat shutter closure are as follows:
A pulmonary function technologist should
A. Service the mouth pressure transducer.
B. Check biological control before beginning testing.
C. Proceed with patient testing.
D. Recalibrate the box pressure transducer.
Answer: A

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RPFT試験番号:RPFT 資格認定試験
試験科目:「Registry Examination for Advanced Pulmonary Function Technologists」

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